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A hundred Journeys – Book Review

I am an avid reader and I frequently read books written in English language by the authors from South Asian countries. Somehow the content these writers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri lanka create in English is of very high quality. Omar Zafarullah’s book “A hundred journeys ~ Stories of my fatherland” is an example of the same. Omar has written this book for his son. Somewhere in his book he has mentioned that he lost his father when he was very young. The chapter explains that it was actually very tough for him to grow up without a father. At many points in life he had questions for his father to answer, just like any other boy his age. However, his father was nowhere around. He had already lost it. Out of the fear that someday his son might also lose him like that, Omar has written this book to introduce his son to the history of his family. He has introduced the concept of life and the basics of living in this country.

This book is a part memoir.

It actually highlights some main incidents that happened in the life of Omar’s family. However, this is not just a memoir. It is a book which highlights also the political struggles that our country has gone through. It also mentions various characters from Omar’s family who have had an impact over his life. The most important and interesting character in the book is that of Maa ji. Omar Zafarullah has spoken about everything that has happened in his family’s history and in Pakistan’s political history. From winning the world cup to the hot pants that Juhi Chawla has worn in a photo shoot, Omar has covered pretty much everything about a common man’s life in this country. It is a very interesting book to read. Do not miss this one. 

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