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First time for everything – Acrylic French Nails

So, guys, I am excited to share my recent experience with something I never thought I would ever do but there is always a first time for everything. The story begins when one of my lovely friend Hadia Iftikhar invited me over to Shumaila’s London which is in Gulberg near Mall1 and 7min away from home. I was looking forward to my first ever blogger’s meet & greet at a salon with mixed feelings for I know for a fact that how skeptical we Asian women are when it comes to trying out a new salon for our beauty services. We tend to stick to tried and trusted services but I a bit of let’s try others and find the best kind of girl so took up the challenge.

I was there to support my friends only, but another fellow blogger suggested me to get some services and go for French acrylic nails. Woah. Wild, right? I thought so too and replied you kidding me? She was not so it gave me a push to do it. I went in and observed the nail technicians working on other clients to get a hint of what goes down and I was convinced within 5min.

Why was I convinced? Firstly, the relaxed vibe space which eases half of your overwhelming experience. Secondly, the courteous staff who made sure I am ok with every step they are taking by asking for any possible discomforts. The best part was Hadia herself who kept visiting me to see If I am well taken care of.

Here comes the real step by step acrylic French nails process which took approx. 45min.

  1. Nail cleaning and prep which included nail trim, filing, trim or push back the cuticle, grinding, buff
  2. Application of French nail tips according to your nail size, trim to your desired nail length and filing to shape
  3. Application of acrylic mixture to the nails
  4. Once acrylic was dry and hard they ground them to shape and buff. Cleaned up extra dust created by grinding.
  5. They applied some hydration oil and applied the top coat to protect and bring out the shine.


Post-treatment experience:

Right after the service I loved my nails straightaway. I did not feel any anxiety because of my preconceived thoughts that after having kind of fake nails it will hinder my normal routine work. But few hours into it I did get some uncomfortable feeling in my nails. Which I couldn’t figure out why it happened and could have been the grinding of my natural nail which had a thin layer or God knows what but I slept over them and woke up just fine.

Being bare minimum maintenance person and attending so many events almost every day (I am a social media influencer too) I kept them for whole three weeks because

  1. I loved them
  2. People complimented me ALOT by both genders
  3. I looked polished ?
  4. I did not have to fuss about getting nails every day
  5. It boosted my confidence because I felt put together all the time
  6. You can paint them any color you want.


From my experience, I totally recommend them as they are durable and fuss-free. All you need to do is visit the salon for some refilling every once or twice a week, according to your nail growth, on a nominal price if you want them to go on for like six months. I won’t recommend for fillings for more than twice as your natural nails also need to breathe fresh air so a month for acrylic is more than enough.

So, there my nuts I hope this helped you in some way to decide if you should get acrylic nails or not. I Would love to hear about your experiences too in comments.

Stay cool ❤


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