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Cokefest to the rescue of Family events revival

I will start by saying that I am not a professional foodie, that being said I will keep it about the management and the opportunity Coca-Cola has given to the consumer and supplier to not only enjoy food served by amazing caterers but also to engage in a family social event with live music.

Coca-cola being the initiator of the massive scale food festival has gone bigger this year with two major coke fests just months apart and they pulled it off very well. The most recent one was a thematic festival “FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour” where Coca-cola decided to share this once in a lifetime moment with the public.

This time it was arranged in Lake city, which I would say was well thought of to avoid the inconvenience of the unnecessary traffic jams and parking issues in the city. But about the designated area for the stalls, they must have anticipated rather triple the crowd than earlier ones due to World Cup presence still seemed to be chockfull. Which I assume because much space was taken by the lake in the middle which made things worse when you wanted to find your favorite food stall. I would appreciate if they can put up stall mapping at various spots for convenience next time if they are going bigger than this and of course, they are not here to stop or I would better say WE don’t want them to stop 😀

A friend of mine from France who is here to open up a french bakery very soon wanted to taste every possible kind of dessert and food he can find to bring variation to his french creations to match the taste of Pakistanis and he simply loved that he could do that in just one place and guess what he loves Ali Sethi (coke studio did an amazing job here) and he performed live. Yayyyy because I love him too. We had al-mashoor Hareesa from Ye Ghar ka Hey and the chilliest chicken of my whole life from Arif Chatkhara only because I knew about the cure for after burns hehehe yes I survived after I had a chilled glass of milk. You are always welcome guys 😀

Last but not the least “The good and the bad” was the network jammers which was a nuisance big time but it was comforting too to stay away from the phone for few hours though. Again, I know it was done for security reasons no complaints there but we appreciate transparency and urge to share such news beforehand so families can come prepared and enjoy without being worried about coordination of any kind.

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