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Did P.F Chang’s Lahore live up-to its global reputation?

I am back with another of my food story about a most anticipated international eatery recently opened in Lahore. Since a lot of people ask me why I categorize my food experience/reviews as stories, so my reason is because we create memories and bond over food. Given that memories are also connected to smell and taste, makes sense why food makes and breaks your mood leaving you with a story. Do not forget to share your best memory of food. 

My story happened when Foodies and Friend: an amazing platform, which connects people over food, invited me to P.F Chang’s for a group food experience. We were around 22 people gathered for lunch and amazingly everyone was on time given how we Pakistanis made it a norm to disrespect time at every given chance. 

We started off with two soups: Sweet & Sour Soup and Wanton Soup, once we were done with pleasantries . My vote locked for wanton, it had good amount of wantons, shrimps, and mushroom in flavorful broth and just light enough on your stomach not to throw your appetite for main course. Sweet & Sour Soup tasted more like chicken corn soup with some tofu in it, meaning no hint of sweet or sour.

We were then served with the most popular starter Dynamite Shrimps, light Sriracha aioli garnish of battered tempura shrimp was exceedingly delicious and the only best thing happened to be on the menu right now. Second starter was Chang’s lettuce wraps, which was the most desiest. Lettuce was fresh but filling texture resembled chicken qeema but sweetness of onion over powered the whole mix.

Main Course order

Chang’s Spicy Chicken           7/10 

I only dished out three bites of it thinking it will be spicy for my taste but to the contrary it was simply sweet sauce coated chicken. It was cooked well except for they forgot to put the spicy element enough to live up to the name of it.

Orange Peel Chicken  8/10

For my love of oranges I liked the sweet and tangy flavor of orange in my mouth. 

Sesame Chicken                     8/10

This was the best among main courses I would say because I love the vegetables and specially broccoli. 

Mongolian Beef                      7/10  

It had nice size of beef flank steak with green onions. Beef was tender but sauce consistency was a bit runny and did not stick well to it. Given it is exotic, expectations were high enough to get a little disappointed. We ordered four bowls and one of them came in covered with fresh green onions over the serving of beef with out being cooked in the sauce they were suppose to. You can see the pictures for comparison. But of course when it was mentioned they changed it.

Lo Mein Noodle                      6/10     

It was just your average Chowmein you find in every corner of Lahore now. Yeah you can guess that from the picture. 

Singaporean Street Noodles  5/10     

The only thing I liked about this was prawns and cherry tomatoes, period. It was so bland to a level where I do not even want to write anything about it.

Dessert making is not everyone’s cup of tea

New york-style Cheesecake               5/10   

This was the least favorite thing on this visit. One piece was half left between six people the reason it being not fresh so we couldn’t risk eating it more then one bite. Cracking crust with a spoon gave it away and cheese part was way away from being smooth to touch or in mouth but hard more then it should be.

The Great Wall of Chocolate             7/10  

Overall it could do better with consistent moist cake sponge.

Butterscotch pudding                        6/10 

It was made well but when you focus on the name and taste butterscotch was over powered by nutty layer it had.

Drinks stole the show in general. I personally ordered House made Ginger Beer which was so refreshing to have with your meals and not heavy on your stomach. The entire group generally liked drinks.

The Service                                      9/10  

Overall the staff was courteous and alert. All of our orders were served accurately and listened to what we had to say or exchange. The serving time was better than average service in the market.

The Space has high roof, long walls with huge murals and glass front, which gives it a little extra spacious and warm effect. In general, the environment is nice and less intrusive because of the seating arrangement and less noisy.     


  1. I would straight away ask you to leave desserts alone and spend the bucks on something special somewhere else.
  2. For me it’s not going to be a regular because of the average value for money and taste.
  3. I might go in for Dynamite Shrimps once in a blue moon but I can always buy my own Sriracha and make some of my own Sriracha Aioli (Whisk together the mayonnaise, Sriracha, lemon juice, and salt. Cover and refrigerate to let the flavors blend (even better if you can make this the night before!) 
  4. Most of the main courses lacked the presentation and man who recommended them those milky serving plates with dark brown spots on them. It resembles haphazard splatter all over the plate.
  5. Value for Money        6/10
  6. Value for Taste          7/10
  7. Desserts                     Never
  8. Drinks                         9/10
  9. Overall                        7/10

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