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Dinner Buffet at Opium Thai

People say all you can do in Lahore is eat which is the ultimate activity one can do. I would say yes it does make sense why Lahorie never sleep because there are tons of eateries you will miss if you blink.

I have been planning to visit Opium Thai and Chinese, which we heard from many, but you know when you plan something with your friends it never happens. But this time around when one of my friend out of the blue asked me if I will be interested to go to Opium next day to try their dinner buffet and voila my answer, YASSSS!

We planned to meet at 8pm; little did I know I had to follow Pakistani time, because I deliberately reached there at 8:15pm to find none of my friends present.

Fortunately, I met Mr. Kamran Afzal the owner of Opium who graciously greeted me himself and we ended up having a wonderful 45min conversation. What an inspiration so calm and kind to share his life experiences and how it changed him in a constructive way. And put all his affection to his venture. I would encourage young people to meet him whenever you get a chance to dine at Opium, you will leave with a positive impression towards life.

The Thai theme ambiance makes you relax instantly when you enter which has a capacity of approx. 75 people still it seemed cozy. Dim lights, Buddha head statues and bamboo interior with light music in the background takes you to that Zen state.

Finally, my friends arrive after 45min along with few new faces that turn out to be amazing people doing incredible things. Once we got familiar we were served soups 19-B and Thai Soup. I chose Thai for I wanted a quick recovery from the freezing cold, I am always cold nothing to do with the air conditioning : -D, soup was so soothing and light on my stomach which didn’t change my appetite for main course. We were also served chicken fried wontons and Shrimp tempura with their particular sauces as appetizers. Just be careful with burning your mouths while having wontons as the temperature feels fine to the touch but the filling is hot.

I am huge fan of seafood and gravies so I chose to have Lemongrass Chili Prawns and Fried Tamarind Fish first. Both were light and especially fish was well cooked and so soft it melted in my mouth like butter.

Next I had was Green Curry Chicken, Thai basil Beef and Noodles. I liked Green curry for it’s spicy creamy gravy with chicken chunks. Gravy of Thai basil beef was nice except for beef was bit hard to chew. Thai Noodles were mildly spicy and particularly noodle, as it didn’t taste like typical ones we eat in Pakistan and came to know they import their ingredients to keep the authentic Thai taste of their food.

Here are the rest of the entrée I did not try.

Last section was desserts and what I observed was limited varieties. This was unique because they shared their reason is to rotate the varieties daily so you can expect yummy additions. I had gotten myself custard and Shahi tukra, which were according to my taste less sugary.

The best things I observed other than food

Throughout my time I didn’t see any food wastage by the customers. We were around 30 people there but hardly experienced any noise disturbance, no habbar dabbar when dinner buffet opened, comfortable seating, well heated food, service was so smooth that I didn’t even see any staff running around hovering food trays over our heads which usually happens in majority of the restaurants when it comes to buffets.

Overall I had a wonderful time including ambiance, food, service, company and Mr. Kamran Afzal.

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