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Fuchsia – the wholesome experience to dine out

This story has many good vibes to it, because I went to Fuchsia for another lunch Meet, Eat and Write session arranged by Foodies & Friends. 

Heads up, this food review might come as a paid review given I have amazing things to say about it. This came straight from my heart and stomach.

My day started at a positive note except for this time around I reached 30min late to the venue. But being a responsible human-being I informed the management beforehand so no bad blood.

Once I was at Fuchsia the first thing that hit me was the open space and peace. After greetings, we decided to move to a bigger table with good sunlight and the courteous staff moved us without any hassle. Fuchsia has a variety of seating arrangement, indoors and outdoors with naturally lit architecture. They have seating with ample space to move around without being intrusive. 

Fuchsia offers Thai, Chinese and Asian influenced cuisines, which makes it a suitable option of average to expensive range place to dine in. This is my personal favorite for quiet sometime now where I can choose according to my pocket and mood during the month.

We started off with soup of our choice and I wanted to stay away from typical ones and tried Tomyum soup with prawns. It had a flavorful thin, mildly spiced and tangy soup complete with prawns and straw mushrooms. This will be your new favorite soup, which is also available in chicken if you are not a fan of seafood.

Starters wowed me with the variety of the taste and the element of surprise.

  • Prawn & Mushroom dim sum
  • Wasabi Prawns
  • Golden Fried Shrimp fritters
  • Dry beef and crispy Taro

Prawn & Mushroom dim sum were gone before I could even taste them. Because they were amazing.

Wasabi prawns were a surprise to me as they were bland when you try them on their own but the sauce did make a huge difference to enjoy them more. Lightly battered butterfly prawns with a savoury sauce. 

Golden fried shrimp fritters were made with minced shrimp which looked like french toast at first look. Perfect blend of crispy crust with soft filling which you can enjoy with its sweet & sour nam jam chili dip or any other sauce you like.

Dry beef and crispy Taro was a mix of dry beef with few seasonal vegetables along with the crispy taro in sweet chili sauce. It was good but not that special to order as starter.

Most of the mains were cooked and presented very well that even their weakest; Manchurian was not bad at all. 

  • Red Curry Prawn
  • Green Curry Chicken
  • Stir Fried chicken
  • Chicken Cashew nuts
  • Wok-fried Chicken with Holly Basil & vegetables
  • Chicken Manchurian
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Boiled Rice

Red and green curry won my heart. You can take them with boiled rice or on its own if you are feeling like spicing things for your taste buds. Both had mildly thick consistency well spiced curries. Coconut milk gives it a superb smoothness.

Second best was the healthy and hearty wok-fried chicken with holly basil. I enjoy vegetables so this combination is a must for my every visit.

Overall the quality, quantity and savor of every single main were true to its value. The only complain I had was I couldn’t figure out where were cashew nuts in chicken cashew nut. Maybe they forgot to put some or simply couldn’t afford them to buy 😀

I ordered lime ginger margarita along with my food, which was refreshing and balanced my taste buds of any after taste of the previous cuisine before trying new one.

Dessert is rather a tricky business for majority of the eateries if you are not a specialized bakery but Fuchsia changed my mind. 

Crispy Chocolate rolls were true to their name. The crunchy wrap sticks held in thick chocolate, served with Japanese green tea Ice-cream scoop, which lightened the consistency of chocolate in your mouth. Given a chance I would love to have them with vanilla Ice cream. 

A dream of chocolate lovers. Fudge cake was a rich combination of lightly moist chocolate flavored sponge and layers of fudge glazed with caramel, which can be best taken with coffee or tea. 

Bread & butter pudding was the best, which had right temperature, and vanilla ice cream complimented it well. The only thing I have to mention here is the caramel sauce is too sweet for my taste that I avoided.

Tiramisu was the second best and probably THE best I ever tasted so far. The ladyfingers/sponge fingers were soaked properly in coffee while mascarpone cream elevated its taste and presentation.    

The overall experience from space to staff, food to presentation, this place is worth the splurge. This place offers value for money, quality and quantity topped off by a peaceful environment.    

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