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Ways to opt-out of Facebook Ads

Ads of any sort are annoying and particularly Facebook ads pissed me off so I found a solution to strike back. Sounds fun, right? Indeed, it is fun to know that you have some power to restrict some of your information and privacy online, which we once gave it away in the heat of the moment of using fun apps offered on Facebook.

Here my perfectly imperfect nuts, how to block the tracking done by all the apps/companies on Facebook which of course we don’t even remember at all. So, all you must do is follow the steps I have mentioned below.

Stop sweating and do these two things:

  1. opt out of Ad tracking
  2. Look up the list of all the app companies that are logged into your Facebook account, where you can edit the permissions or delete it once for all

Let’s deal with the first and easiest “Method 1” that is opting out of Ad tracking for future references.

1.1  Click on the DOWN ARROW on the far right of your Facebook web page and select SETTINGS in the drop-down list.

1.2  Go to the Ads button on the left panel.

1.3  Here you will get the details of your interests, Advertisers you’ve interacted with, your information, Ad settings, Hide ad topics (test). You can check the list of your interests so far and who you interacted with for your information only so let’s get to the part where you must make changes.

1.4   Go to YOUR INFORMATION and turn off all your desired fields. Though this information is available on your profile anyway so they can still use it to add to the categories related to the given fields but it does affect how they figure to show you certain ads according to your interests. So, doesn’t hurt to turn these off, right?

1.5   Go to Ads settings, here you can opt out of the ads by selecting No for each setting.

1.6   Go to ad topics: This seems new and in the testing mode where you will be able to hide ads from certain universal topics e.g. Alcohol and parenting and the good thing is you can even permanently hide them. Civic duty: Do drop your suggestions too who knows yours might end up in the list doing a favor to the community.

Method 1: Step by Step Guide
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Let’s head to the second method which digs deep so stay put to look up all the apps which are tracking you since you joined Facebook, crazy to know that, right? But the craziest thing is when you will see the unending list to clean up thinking what the hell I was even thinking giving them permissions to track me like handing out leaflets of my information? But cheer mates that you have found a solution to clean your mess and be cautious for future.

2.1   Repeat the step 1 method 1

2.2   Go to the APPS button on the left panel

2.3   Tada!!! What you see mates is the list of the apps which are logged in to your Facebook account. You can see the total number of the apps logged in next to “Logged in with Facebook”

2.4   Don’t forget to Click on Show all: Yes, that was a mini heart attack you just felt created by all the mess you made since you joined Facebook, half of which you have no memory of using them 😀

2.5   The best and hardest part: here you can hover to each app and make the desired changes if you want to keep it with preferences or drop it entirely if you don’t want it to snoop around anymore.

2.6   Once you are done with killing apps, go to each app you are left with to check the list of permissions. You will be left out of your breath to the extent of permissions they need e.g. snooping around your friend’s fields. You will start questioning everything at this point but relax and stay focused as you have a long way to go to clean it up. It’s a bit time-consuming but better than giving your information for free.

2.7   Now scroll down and here you can set your preferences to play games anonymously. But the most important section to look at is “Apps Other Use” so click on edit.

2.8   This section makes you realize that your friends can also drag a lot of your data along with them so choose wisely and uncheck all of them if you want to keep it private.

Method 2: Step by Step Guide
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So, mates How do you feel after all this exercise? Excited to hear how much it helped you. Don’t forget to share and help your friends too so that they are not dragging your around on apps. Cheers

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